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Sex, Politics and Social Change in Asia

New Delhi, 2016


Institution code: COMM2253 (RMIT University - Melbourne campus)

Teaching period: Semester 1/2018

Role: Coordinator, Lecturer, Tutor



Week 1: Introduction 

Week 2: Theorising Gender

Week 3: Public holiday (No lecture or tutorials) 
Week 4: Politics and/of Social Change 

Week 5: Modern Media, Modern Intimacies

Week 6: Queer Asia: Orientations, Practices and Identities 

Week 7: Sex Tourism, Sex Industries 

Week 8: Gender, Race & Class: Domestic Workers in Southeast Asia 

Week 9: ‘Fathers’, ‘Mothers’ and ‘Nations’ 
Week 10: Liminal Genders: Transgender, Breaking the Binary 

Week 11: Television, Dating and Power in China 

Week 12: Hong Kong Cinema: A History of Cultural and Political Anxieties 

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