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ADM+S Centre

Short Course: Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact

ABC News

Interview: Deepfakes and 'the liar's dividend' — are we ready for the future of AI journalism?

Triple R Radio Melbourne

Interview on Byte Into IT – 13 December 2023

ADM+S Centre

Report: AI and Automated Decision-Making in News and Media

ADM+S Centre

ADM+S researchers appointed to the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE)

VNExpress International

We should all care about the dangers of data collection

VNExpress International

'In technology we trust' is not the answer to social inequality


Colonised by data – The hollowing out of digital society

Tia Sang Journal

My contributions to Tia Sang journal (in Vietnamese)

Yale Macmillan Center

Understanding digital Vietnam: Disentangling Vietnam as a techno-social plurality in the making

Yale Global Online

Traditional Medicine and Quest for Covid-19 Cure

The University of Melbourne

Tracking Traditional Medicine on the Vietnamese Internet: Dang Nguyen to Visit Yale

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